LightPin© Floor - is "almost invisible" and therefore it is possible to illuminate walls and small rooms particularly discreetly. The small profile diameter of only 11 mm with light in an especially minimalist form. The lamp can be rotated in the stable base - so different lighting effects can be achieved. LightPin© Floor is 180 cm high. The textured paint can be selected in white, black or golden bronze. The brightness can be easily adjusted with the touch dimmer, allowing for maximal ambient control. The fabric-covered cable is approx. 2.5 meters long and available in red, black or brown.

Height180 cm
Profile diameter11 mm
Colours and materialtextured paint white, black or golden bronze
Cable coloursred, black, brown
IlluminantLED; Control with touch dimmer
Light colourapprox. 2800 K
Luminous flux (2800 K)1510 lm (measured at the LED stripe)
Power consumptionmax. 15 watts; dimmable; Plug Power Supply

Hauptstr. 2
D-97461 Hofheim

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