LightPin Curve- "Spanning the arch". Like all lights in the LightPin series, due to its small profile diameter of only 11 mm, the Curve offers light in a particularly minimalist form. Thanks to its semicircular arch and its considerable size (max. height approx. 190 cm, max. depth approx. 130 cm), it spans tables and seating groups in a unique way. The lamp stands on a shapely and stable foot. The textured paint is available in white, black or golden bronze. The brightness can be individually adjusted with the touch dimmer. The fabric-covered cable is approximately 2.5 meters long and available in red, black or brown.

Sizeheight approx. 190 cm; depth approx. 130 cm
Profile diameter11 mm
Colours and materialtextured paint white, black or golden bronze
Illuminant:LED technology, Controlled with touch dimmer
Light colourapprox. 2700 K
Luminous flux:approx. 4500 lm (measured at the LED stripe)
Power consumptionmax. 45 watts; dimmable
Cable Coloursred, black, brown

Hauptstr. 2
D-97461 Hofheim

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