LightBox© L: - a puristic luminaire with a variable lighting effect. The contrast between the rectangular base and the circular lighting element is particularly effective. The light disc can easily be changed to different positions in the body of the lamp. This means that different lighting effects and beam angles are possible. The large-area LED board shines with warm white light at 2900 Kelvin and is protected by a transparent cover. Various motifs are optionally available - this means that the luminaire can be decorated differently over and over again.

Dimensions light unit (W x H x D)6.0 x 19.2 x 3.2 cm; Overall height: approx. 34.0 cm
Light disc diameter17,5 cm
Colours and materialtextured paint white or black
IlluminantLED circuit board
Light colour2900 K
Luminous flux (2900 K)approx. 820 lm (measured at the LED board)
Power consumptionapprox. 10 watts

Hauptstr. 2
D-97461 Hofheim

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