Design: Ralf Stössel

LightCushion© is a lighting design that hangs lightly in space. The structure appears to follow an imaginary breeze.

The tender paper like material forms a cushion of light which can be altered or modified due to the internal structure. Additionally the material of LightCushion© has a positive effect on the acoustics of the room.

LightCushion© is available in two standard sizes: „L“ 100 cm x 185 cm and „XL“ 100 cm x 275 cm; Special sizes can be created on request. Depending on its size LightCushion© contains at least 8 lightchambers, lit using LED Technology. LightCushion© Large has a power consumption of 210 Watts and the model XtraLarge over 320 Watts.

Technical Specs

SizesLarge: 100 cm x 185 cm; XtraLarge: 100 cm x 275 cm
Colors and MaterialPaperlike synthetic material
Power Cord ColorOrange, Red, Green, Black; Others on request
Light Color‚Candle White’ (2700K)
Lighting CurrentLarge: ca. 14400lm; XtraLarge: ca. 21800lm (measured at LED stripes)
Power ConsumptionLarge: ca. 210 Watt; XLarge: ca. 320 Watt

Hauptstr. 2
D-97461 Hofheim

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