Design: Ralf Stössel

HangUp complements the already well-known LightBag© series. Alone or suspended groupwise funny light installations can be made up that lighten living rooms or entrance areas in a stylish and original way.

LightBag© HangUp is available in the sizes ‚small’ and "large". For power cord colors white, orange, red, black and green can be selected. LightBag© HangUp comes with an 11 Watt energy-saving LED bulb in warm white (2700K).

In addition to the standard LightBag© a hang-up kit is available, consisting of a steel cable and a stylish ceiling canopy. Thus, the known LightBag© can also be used both suspended and standing.

Technical Specs

Sizes‚small’: Height about 30 cm; ‚large‘: Height about 40 cm
MaterialPaperlike synthetic material
Power Cord ColorGrey/White, Orange, Red, Green, Black, Silver
IlluminantE27 (capable for light bulbs up to 25 Watt); 11 Watt energy efficient bulb included
Light Color2700K

Hauptstr. 2
D-97461 Hofheim

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