JoshuaIndoor© in RGB version allows for any color or color sequence to be set via the included remote control. JoshuaIndoor© ‚RGB plus White‘ offers the perfect combination of all luminous colors: In this version, any color or color sequence can be set via the included remote control. The colors range from `Candle White` with 2700K to the full RGB spectrum.

Design: Ralf Stössel

This JoshuaIndoor© version offers also a high light output. JoshuaIndoor© is made of a 350 cm luminary, which is flexible and can be formed into the desired shape. The paper like synthetic material is easy to care for and wipe clean. The sturdy base, painted in in white, matt-silver or anthracite assures a safe stand. The high quality, fabric covered power cord is about 280 cm long and is available in many colors.

Technical Specs

Size360 cm maximum length
Colors and MaterialPaperlike synthetic material; seam matches power cord; Base: white, matt-silver, anthracite, bronze Power Cord Color: Orange, Red, Green, Black
IlluminantLED; Remote Control
Light ColorRGB; ‚RGB plus White‘ (2700K)
Lighting Currentn.a.
Power ConsumptionDimmable; RGB max. 20 Watt; ‚RGB plus White’ max. 70 Watt

Hauptstr. 2
D-97461 Hofheim

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