Beam HangUp© is the hanging pendant form of the light installation Beam©, able to light any dining table artistically. The virtually floating oval is proverbially hanging by a thread.

The fabric coated rubber chords create a fine, cage-like structure which is illuminated by two optically varifocal LED spotlights. The spotlight unit and luminary oval are available with the finishes white or black and is powder coated.

Technical specs

Light oval
 1200mm long and 400mm wide; available in a black or white powder-coated finish
Braided textile in red, white, grey; alternative colours available on request
Illuminant two LED spotlights with dimmable LED controller (wall mounted)
Light Color2700K
Lighting Current2x 1940lm
Power consumption
48 Watt

Hauptstr. 2
D-97461 Hofheim

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