Hand-crafted illumination

Each of LichtRaumFunktion’s hand-crafted illumination devices is one of a kind.

High quality materials, passion, idealism and attention to details in each individual step during the manufacturing process ensure LichtRaumFunktion’s high quality standards.

Ralf and Tobias decidedly break away from the wide-spread trend of assembly line production. When buying a LichtRaumFunktion product, you will not buy off the peg.

Every bit of experience gathered during the manufacturing process feeds into the enhancement of technical features and design and a continuous development of Lichtraumfunktion illumination products.

You, the customers, too are involved in the process as every device can be customised in shape and colour to meet your own taste and expectations.

All of the aforementioned factors ensure the uniqueness and outstanding quality for which LichtRaumFunktion products are known.

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