Ralf Stössel

Light is the source of life

Ralf Stössel

Light - from vision to light object

 For almost 20 years, Ralf Stössel has worked with light as an artistic element, which provided him with a keen sense of form and aesthetics. He experiments with different materials as well as conventional every-day consumer goods. 

Since 2010, Ralf Stössel has been designing light sculptures for LichtRaumFunktion and thus gave ordinary goods a new purpose.

Tobias Boucke

Technical innovation on unique lighting objects

Tobias Boucke is the technical mind behind Ralf Stössel’s design ideas and in charge of their implementation. After the completion of his PhD in engineering, Tobias Boucke held a number of positions in German and Swiss mechanical engineering corporations until he made the decision to take a new career path.

Since he has always been interested in design and beautiful lamps, he decided to team up with Ralf Stössel in order to create something entirely new - and LichtRaumFunktion was born.

In LichtRaumFunktion design templates come full circle through innovative technical ideas in extraordinary, hand-crafted illumination objects.

Positive customer feedback proves Ralf Stössel and Tobias Boucke right in their creative work and their striving for unique customer goods.

Hauptstr. 2
D-97461 Hofheim

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